Picking pepper berries

We picked our crop of pepper berries this weekend and it weighed in at 3.3kg. They are now being dried taking advantage of the sunshine then inside under the ceiling fan. It is a bit tedious to pick but hopefully worth the effort. We have 2 plants as you need a male and a female plant. As an update when dried the crop weighed in at 925gms.



Lots of Native Pepper

A bounty of native pepper fruit

A bounty of native pepper fruit

Tasmannia lanceolata, Mountain Pepperbush Mountain Pepper or Native Pepper is a medium shrub that is attractive in its own right with glossy dark green leaves that a pale underneath. The flowers are small, white to cream, on stalks and in clusters.

The plants are dioecious with male and female flowers on separate plants. This is an important thing to remember if you want to get the fruits. The fruit are rounded and have a furrow and are red ripening to black. I pick them when they are black and allow them to dry and store in ajar. They may be used like pepper if you grind them. The leaves are peppery too but I haven’t tried them.