Annual display

Each year I like to buy a $2 packet of Swan River Daisies from the Reject Shop and try my luck. I sow them in a pot to germinate and then plant them out into the garden. This year there was an attractive variegated one in the mix.


Swan River Daisies

Swan River DaisyI sowed some seeds of the Swan River Daisy today. Each year I buy a packet or two of these seeds from the Reject Shop for about $2 each.

They are easy to sow and while you may plant them directly into the garden I like to sprinkle the seeds in a few pots with good potting mix and plant them out when I know they have germinated.

Last year I managed to to catch a few seed heads and sprinkle them directly into some tubs and they have now germinated and are about 30mm tall. These daisies are annuals so with a bit of luck you may have them popping up in your garden if you try them.