Cutting it into shape

There is an Australian native plant for just about any use that you put an introduced plant to and in this case Coast Rosemary, Westringea fruticosa, has been clipped into a ball as a feature plant. It is an excellent hedging plant but it must be clipped regularly.


Living walls

A living wall

Sometimes it may be easier to enclose an area with a simple but sturdy framework and cover it with a climber than to build a more solid structure like a wall. You may also consider growing a narrow hedge.

A vertical display of plants

Enclosing a space provides privacy, protection from the wind and a micro-climate that will enable you to grow plants that may be more difficult to grow elsewhere. A living wall provides a cooling effect.

A framework that holds some pots with a method for keeping them moist allows more use of space if you only have a small space to work with. These photos were taken in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

When choosing climbers avoid the vigorous ones, as they will require more work to keep under control.  I have planted some pandoreas on fences in the past and they require constant checking to make sure they are not sending long shoots into adjacent trees and shrubs and strangling them.