Picking pepper berries

We picked our crop of pepper berries this weekend and it weighed in at 3.3kg. They are now being dried taking advantage of the sunshine then inside under the ceiling fan. It is a bit tedious to pick but hopefully worth the effort. We have 2 plants as you need a male and a female plant. As an update when dried the crop weighed in at 925gms.



Chook and Banksia

It is so good to have a new nursery in town. I loved this chook when I saw it at the local nursery and decided it was the feature I wanted for the courtyard. It is placed on a gnarled piece of Banksia serrata that came from a plant that I planted back in the 1980’s in Ballarat.



Decorative Lettuces

We always have a few varieties of lettuces growing and some are left to go to seed. I usually buy the $2 packets at the Reject Shop, just sprinkle them in the garden, and leave it up to them as to where they grow. I collect some seed at the end of the season. The ones with blotches is a variety of Diggers Seeds and called something like ‘flashy trout back’.


Summer Surprise

baby copperhead snake

baby copperhead snake

Lifted up a pot in the garden on Sunday and what did I find? Looks like we have a replacement for the copperhead snake that died mid-year. This one is only tiny and it is tempting to relocate it out into the bush but it may decide to move on by itself.

The polypipe is 13mm to give the snake a bit of size comparison.