Local native plants

These are the plants that are most likely to do well in our gardens. They have evolved with our local conditions, soil types and climate. They have adapted to pests so are more resilient and less likely to succumb to insects and disease attack. More importantly,  they provide habitat for local fauna. Habitat in this case means homes, a place to find food, shelter, nesting materials, protection and for breeding.

The term “native” plant usually includes any plants native to Australia. Indigenous plants. refers native plants that are growing naturally in your local area and were there prior to
European arrival.

Many people think that planting a few local trees and some wattles in their garden is enough to provide for the local fauna. I prefer to plant a wide range of plants to attract a greater variety of birds and animals. This means I consider attracting insects that will pollinate plants as well as provide a food source for birds and lizards.

Including a  range of plants will ensure you have seeds, nectar and pollen to meet the needs of a range of different birds. Plants also provide nesting sites and nesting material as well as protection from predators.

It is up to the individual what sort of native plants to have in a garden. Local plants help connect the site back to the local area. It is an opportunity to grow species that may have disappeared locally. It is not an either or situation, just don’t get carried away with showy flowers and forget the local plants.


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