Native Gardens

There are a wide range of Australian native plants that will grow in the wider Ballarat area. Those that grow naturally in our local area are the first to try but you may wish to grow plants from other areas.

People seem to be attracted to West Australian native plants as they are amongst some of the showiest but they are often difficult for novice gardeners. Give a fairbit of thought to where you want a plant to grow and choose a plant suited to that position.

Correa Flowers

If you are new to growing native plants go to your local nursery and seek advice. There are plenty of books available in the library to help you decide what plants to put in and that provide advice on how to go about it.Don’t get too set on particular plants

The Australian Plants Society Victoria has a great web page that includes design basics, plant selection and how to grow.

Once you get really interested in native plants the most difficult part is finding somewhere that sells the plants you want. You may decide to grow your own plants but that is another story. There are some local nurseries that specialize in native plants and you might like to start there. Forget digging up plants from the local bush, apart from being illegal, plants from the wild don’t transplant well and will probably die. You may also accidentally introduce soil borne diseases that will kill your other plants.

By becoming a member of the Australian Plants Society  you gain access to group of people who are interested in growing Australian native plants, have regular meetings, plant and book sales, visit gardens and produce informative newsletters. Best of all they have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they like to pass on.

There are groups all over Victoria and the Ballarat Group  may be contacted by email at

The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) – ANPSA – caters for people interested in Australia’s native flora whether that interest is simple appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the flora or whether it extends to propagation, cultivation and conservation.

The Sustainable Landscapes Project promotes sustainable design of the South Australian urban landscape. While this may seem to have nothing to do with central Victoria they have produced some really practical information.check out designing gardens for people and places.



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