Kangaroo Paws

I love these flowers. The plants in the garden are very old and neglected but still produce a few flower stems each year. It is worth checking out the newer varieties which produce many flowers but you need to keep feeding them.


The flowers of this banksia are hidden away under the leaves so it is a surprise when one sees it flowering. The new foliage is also a feature so I think Banksia lemanniana is worth growing and it seems very hardy.

A Bounty of Banksias

In July there was a great display of various banksias at Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. There are quite a few cultivars now available that are suitable for small gardens.

Plants that challenge

Those of us who like to grow Australian native plants often long to grow some of the more difficult species in their own garden and mostly they come from WA. Frost is sometimes a determining factor in whether we are successful or not. Pimelea physodes, Qualup Bells, is one such plant that I find it is difficult to maintain in cultivation. In recent years grafted plants have become available and Melton Botanic Gardens has a lovely one on display.