Composting tips

Slowly I am gaining control over the weeds in the vegetable garden and quickly filling up the compost heaps. My system is simple and is just layers of weeds and lawn clippings. The weeds usually include dry leaves and some twigs and I think this counts as a “brown” in my compost making technique.

Composting involves having layers of green material and then brown. There is rarely a shortage of material in my garden and I include shredded paper and manure and straw/sawdust from the chook house when it is available. Compost makes such a difference to the soil and makes vegetable growing so much easier.

No fancy compost heaps here, the bins are made of recycled tin and about one cubic metre in capacity. If there is one bin that is empty and not needed for turning the compost then it get used for tomatoes or zucchini. I only turn the heaps if i have spare time or energy. They usually break down over late summer to spring and are ready to use in spring.


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