Tree Ferns

Tree Ferns

I have had tree ferns for years and when they out grew their shade cover and we reassessed how close to the house we wanted them from a fire protection point of view.  We moved to another area where they receive protection from the sun so we did not have to build a shade structure.

The problem is that tree ferns require a fair bit of water to re-establish and maintain and I should have added some water crystals and compost to the soil before planting. We dug big enough holes and tried to shift the some ferns with their existing root mass but others had to be cut and replanted.

I have buried plastic and some old terra cotta pots near their trunks so watering is more efficient. I realise that in a sustainable garden I probably shouldn’t have tree ferns where they require extra water but every time I think they have died they put out new shoots and I can’t give up on them yet.


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